The Advantages of Living Under Complex Administration

South Africans in the market for buying and renting homes have become more and more attracted to the idea of living within the many comforts provided by a complex. With everything from heightened security to facilities management services, this trend is not unfounded. Mansfield PS provides numerous advantages for owners and residents in complexes. Hereunder are just a few of the perks you can expect when living within the rules of effective complex administration. This may play a key role in helping you decide whether your new home will be a free standing home or one within a complex.

Service Providers

Mansfield PS has created a network of trusted service providers which can be recommended or provided to residents as required. As a part of the Mansfield PS network of service providers you can be assured they will deliver reliable and comprehensive service when it comes to the following:

  • plumbers
  • painters
  • electricians
  • security services
  • cleaning services
  • maintenance services
  • landscaping
  • and much more.


Complexes are considered safer in South Africa than free standing homes, based heavily on the fact that the comings and goings of all persons are recorded and logged. Visitors sign in and out so that if any unsavoury events take place within the complex walls all of the people inside should be accounted for, and if not, it is quite safe to say that anyone not on the list is intruding. This makes finding/spotting any culprits a much simpler task, while the 24 hour security is enough to put off most would be criminals.


Part of what continues to draw people to living under complex management companies is the fact that through continued communication efforts needs are constantly met and queries addressed. This quickly leads to feeling like part of the community created under complex administration, with everything from Facebook groups to share information or WhatsApp groups to share real-time queries and concerns. These tools are often used in unison with the finely tuned people skills from complex management companies to resolve any issues that may arise within the community. 

Complex Administration Governance

The comprehensive services provided by professional complex administration providers like Mansfield PS include speaking on behalf of their community to ensure the quality of living that residents have grown accustomed to is always preserved and improved on wherever and whenever possible. Governance support is the way in which all professional complex management companies provide a service to their owners and residents towards upholding the standard set by communities living within complexes in South Africa.

They will even provide assistance when it comes to special cases that require the services of attorneys and labour relations experts. They are not only in the corner of each individual resident, but they also preserve the integrity of the complex community as a whole by attending trustee and executive meetings as well as setting up any general meetings which should take place annually to make sure everyone is happy with their current living situation under the caring eye of Mansfield PS.

For more information on complex management services contact the professionals and they will happily provide the answers to your questions.

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