Legal Compliance through Sectional Title Management Services

Sectional title management services are in place to assist you to live a comfortable and stress-free life when living in a building registered as a sectional title body corporate or a homeowner’s association. 

The Multiple Property Legislations and Regulations You Must Comply With 

There are a multitude of legislation and regulations which homeowners need to be compliant with. Sectional title managers will ensure your compliance with the following Acts which will be briefly explained in the context of property management:

• Sectional Title Act

The Sectional Title Act refers to a section (a home) within a sectional title complex. It establishes the body corporate as the regulators of the sections (collectively known as units) and common properties and how they may be used by residents. It clarifies the title of ownership and the rights over the differentiated parts.

• Share Blocks Control Act

This is used when a share block is under discussion. A share block is a form of ownership which is applied when the land is a leasehold and not freehold property but leased by and registered under the name of a Share Block Company. 

• Companies Act

This Act ensures that companies take full responsibility by complying with the South African Constitutional Bill of Rights and encourages the efficient and responsible management of companies.

• Occupational Health and Safety Act

This applies when any contractor is appointed to do maintenance or repairs, trustees must ensure that the contractor takes responsibility for the risk assessment and compliance with all necessary safety standards as stipulated by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

• Protection of Private Information Act

Because property agents often deal with personal information, and sometimes sensitive personal information, they must comply with the POPI Act. This means that under no circumstances may client’s personal information be shared with any other party without their written authorization.

These along with other legal requirements must be met by your sectional title management company to ensure that your living situation is legal on all grounds. 

Why Legal Compliance From Your Sectional Title Management Company is Crucial

By employing a trusted Sectional Title Management company you can ensure that you are compliant through their expertise. The sectional title managers you trust to make sure your property solutions are in order will be able to answer any of your questions you have concerning this.

Contact us at Mansfield PS to discover how we can provide both legal compliance and peace of mind for anyone looking to find a new place to call home.

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