Property Solutions: 4 Common Household Tasks That Are No Longer Your Problem

There are some common household mishaps or tasks that we never get to or have to take time off from other things to get done, which is never ideal. When living under the care of complex management services there are certain mishaps and aspect of home living that you don’t have to deal with alone, if at all. Here are just some of the building administration services available to tenantsliving under the care of complex management services.

1. Leaks

A leak could be anything, it could be rainwater finding its way in or perhaps a leaking pipe. The damage this can do to a home is astronomical if not tended to. As a tenant living in a complex or estate that makes use of a property solutions company, you can, at the first sign of a leak, contact the relevant parties and they will handle it for you.

If the leak has already done damage you can rest assured that the property management company will also handle any repairs or repainting that needs to take place.

2. Cracked Tiles

If your home or patio is tiled there are situations that could cause them to crack, especially if they have not been laid properly. If you were to drop a heavy item and it cracks a tile, not to worry. You won’t have to source a new tile that is the right colour and fit, the property solutions company hired by your body corporate will handle it for you.

3. Broken Windows

That well known sound of shattering glass, when you know the kids are playing with a ball outside, is a common occurrence. Should a window break, for any reason, no problem, get your property solutions manager on the line and he/she will make the necessary arrangements to have it repaired in no time.

4. Maintaining the Garden

Everyone loves sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine, but keeping a beautiful garden in pristine condition is hard work. Simply cutting the grass can be a monumental chore. As a tenant living in a complex with complex management services this is no longer your chore to handle. You get your Saturday mornings back while someone else does the maintenance necessary to keep everything looking green and great!

Contact Mansfield PSfor more information on how property solutions services like ours can serve you. If your body corporate is not currently in a position to provide you with the perks listed above, give them our number. By getting in contact with us we can streamline complex management services to suit everyone’s needs.

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