Top Reasons You Should Invest in Sectional Title Properties

The property market is still buzzing about sectional title units which have retained strong popularity among renters. This is likely due to the many desirable features such as the security, sense of community, and affordability they offer.

The Demand for Sectional Titles Units is High

The most attractive factor for sectional title living seems to be the security offered by complexes. This is in an especially important aspect in South Africa with its soaring crime rates. As an investor buying one of these units to rent out makes financial sense due to their high demand on the property market.

Sectional Title homes are especially in demand because they are much more affordable than freestanding homes. This along with all the other sectional title solutions offered by the body corporate or complex management makes living in a complex sound almost too good to be true. Now, as a landlord of a home under the watchful eye of a quality sectional title management company like Mansfield Property Solutions you can basically sit back and just watch the cash flow in.

The Multiple Benefits Provided by Sectional Title Management Companies

If the complex in which you own a sectional title unit is under the watchful eye of a property management company you can be sure that all bases are covered – including:

·         Levies being collected on time

·         Legal action being taken as part of sectional title legal compliance, if necessary

·         Staff are being treated well and facilities are being well maintained

·         All financial records are well kept and up to date

If you are an owner currently renting out your sectional title home in a complex that makes use of sectional title solutions and services your investment is growing under professional supervision. In this sense, Mansfield Property Solutions ensures that your investment is well looked after. Mansfield Property Solutions’ sectional title solutions ensure that:

·         Should tenants vacate that quality tenants replace them.

·         Should you need legal assistance Mansfield Property Solutions will handle any evictions, lease terminations etc.

·         Renters are satisfied with the body corporate and sectional titles they are living under.


If you currently own a sectional title unit that is not being well taken care of, you should suggest that the body corporate considers calling in a sectional title management company to improve the management of the complex or estate. Mansfield Property Solutions is a trusted complex management company that supplies stellar sectional title solutions. Contact us today!

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