Working Closely With Complex Administration to Facilitate the Best Experience When Living in a Complex

Complex administration companies create a close professional relationship with service providers and body corporates in order to provide the best experience for those living in a complex.

What is Complex Administration?

Complex administration, like that available from Mansfield Property Solutions, is governance support for your residential complex. This means a Mansfield Property Solutions professional is made available to attend trustee and executive meeting, set up any necessary meetings, and communicate anything discussed to the owners on the trustees of the complex’s behalf.

In a nutshell, complex administration works to close the loop of communication between residents, owners, and the board of trustees and body corporates. This ensure living in a complex is simple and pleasant for all the parties involved.

Complex management companies will individualise their approach when asked to step in to rectify the management process currently being used by a body corporate.

How Complex Administration Works

If a trustee or the residents living in a complex notice that processes and communication is ineffective they can ask that their sectional title body corporate or homeowner’s association representatives contact complex management companies.

Complex administration companies will be able to rectify any issues by working closely with the body corporate to pin point what is making the residents living in the complex unhappy.

Once this is done complex administration’s managing agents can work on managing relationships, not portfolios. Through professional advice and support to the people running the complex they can help to deliver results that are in the best interest of all parties involved including:

·         People living in the complex

·         The complex as a collective living location

·         The complex building’s sectional title owners

Why Complex Administration is Essential to Living in a Complex

People living in a complex can testament to the fact that complex administration managers stepping in at the right time to manage residential complexes can change everything. Professional complex administration can bring a huge change including the following aspects of complex living.

The Care of Common Properties Will Improve

Everything from the garden to the pool will be maintained so that it is functional for everyone living in the complex.

Safety Will Be Reprioritised

Safety is one of the main things that attract people to the idea of living in a complex. If this has slipped it must be rectified in a big way. This will all be handled by the newly appointed complex administrations manager.

Repair and Maintenance Will Be Streamlined

If homes and common property have been left to deteriorate these issues will be addressed under the new complex administration.


If you haven’t found living in a complex to be everything you had hoped for, talk to your body corporate about contacting professional complex administration companies, as a way to improve conditions.

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