5 Habits That Make for Great Property Managers

When it comes to successful property management companies there are certain habits and skills that property managers need to practice to ensure they deliver the service their clients expect. property management companies in South Africa know to make use of property managers who practice the following:

1.      Successful Property Managers are Early to Rise

Successful property managers and successful people in general are those who make use of the early hours of the morning. According to a Forbes article those who wake up early are likely to study, plan and perform better. Making this a habit can even improve your quality of sleep which in turn helps you to remain happy and positive throughout the day.

It has proven to bring out a level of productivity in people that they may never have tapped into before. Set your alarm and tap in!

2.      Streamline Activities to Save Time

There are many repetitive processes involved in the daily tasks of property managers so finding a means of dealing with this efficiently and quickly will greatly serve you, the individual, as well as the property management company you are working for.

This may include things like creating email templates for messages you often need to send, setting reminders and alarms and compiling report templates that you can use time and time again.

Write down all your repetitive tasks and consider whether there is a way to streamline these, perhaps by using a new tool or software. Be sure to use whatever works best for you.

Time management is a skill all property managers must master to be sure that their days and the days of their clients run as smoothly as possible.

3.      Property Managers Must Be Highly Organised

Organisation walks hand-in-hand with your ability to streamline your processes and tasks. Once you have a productive process in place it will be easier to organise everything else.

Due to the fact that any number of things could be thrown your way at any given moment the things you can control should always be well organised. This ensures you have the time and energy to put out any fires as they arise. Your clients and your property management company will thank you for it.

4.      Goal Orientated

Property managers are goal orientated. This is what fuels the first three points in this article, because these individuals have a goal in mind and their eyes on the prize the rest seems to come naturally.

Creating actionable steps to achieving goals is a great way to put your organisational skills to the test. You can create a timeline in which you expect to climb the steps to reaching your goal. This way you are always actively working towards a goal. After all, there is no point in setting a goal if you do not intend to follow through.

5.      Property Managers Must Be Excellent Communicators

Lastly, and arguably most importantly, property managers must be excellent communicators. This is especially true of property managers working for large corporate property management companies in South Africa where there are multiple channels of communication which cross at multiple points.


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