How Sectional Title Solutions Handle Non-Payment of Levies

First of all, not paying levies, as clearly stipulated by sectional title companies before living in a complex, is unjust, ethically muddy and a breach of contract.

Why Levy Payment is So Important

It is the responsibility of each sectional title owner to pay levies in full and on time in order to maintain the benefits of living in a complex for the entire community.

Those that don’t make their levy payments on time (or at all) enjoy the spoils of the maintenance and facilities that the payments made by other owners pay for. This is unfair and the opposite of what life in a complex is about.

When levies go unpaid the standards set by sectional title solutions and set by the Sectional Titles Act are jeopardised, and so it is dealt with strictly and swiftly.

Non-Payment is a Trustees Number One Priority

Trustees implement an interest charge (which varies) in the case of late levy payments which owners are contractually aware of when becoming an owner. Protocol is that after a week of no payment the owner is sent a letter of demand. If no response or payment is received in 30 days following the letter of demand then a legal team is informed by the sectional title company.

Sectional Title Solutions – Laws and Regulations

Attorneys may choose to send a second letter of demand and if it goes without a response they will apply for a summons from the magistrate’s court. Once the summons has been issued it must be given to the owner in question. They then have seven days to respond of how they will defend their case and a court date is set if no payment is made. Alternatively, the owner can make the owed payment in its entirety (including interest) within the allocated time.

When you enlist the services of a professional sectional title management company like Mansfield Property Solutions you can expect that this will be nipped in the bud long before it becomes an issue. This is simply due to diligent trustees that keep lines of communication with owners open at all times and everyone is in the loop and aware of the consequences of their actions.

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