What Does a Sectional Title Managing Agent Do?

The success of sectional title solutions is reliant on professional sectional title managers or sectional title agents to do everything from collecting levies to overseeing the achievements of these payments. This article will help you to understand the duties and liabilities carried by sectional title managers and how they fit into the agenda of complex management companies.

What Do Sectional Title Managers Do?

At the end of the day, the most important thing sectional title managers do is manage the expectations of owners. Sectional title solutions and their managers provide financial and administrative expertise, while acting as the authority on the Sectional Title Act for trustees and owners alike.

Sectional Title Managers Are Responsible For:


The administrative duties of sectional title managers is all inclusive in that they are responsible for arranging all meetings and insuring that all the relevant parties are invited and able to attend. Once the meetings are set up, they need to take minutes of each meeting while arranging any follow ups deemed necessary.

They must also keep a record of all meetings as well as the activities on the grounds, including the building’s insurance cover. Sectional title managers from Mansfield Property Solutions take pride in being available to owners to answer any questions and address any concerns from owners.


The financial duties of sectional title managers who work as part of the Mansfield Property Solutions team collect and manage levies and bills. They are also responsible for supplying all relevant parties with their financial statements and reports each month.

property management

Last, but certainly not least, sectional title managers are responsible for property management which means they are responsible for appointing the appropriate:

  • Supervisors
  • Caretakers
  • Gardeners
  • Other professionals employed to maintain the property to the set standard

Complex management companies are there to make life easier and to ensure they run smoothly, so be sure to get a quality sectional title manager, like those from Mansfield Property Solutions, in your corner.

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