5 Ways to Recognise Great Complex Management

Living in a complex is a property choice more and more South Africans are making. With so many popping up it can be difficult to know which one is not only best for you and your family, but which ones are under complex management that works well consistently.

1.      Great Complex Management Will Always Keep You in The Loop

property management is largely about meticulous administration, organisation and communication. As a tenant you will have evidence of a utilitarian approach to complex management when frequent and comprehensive information concerning the way things in the complex are run is communicated.

This can be anything from a timely update that they will be turning off water at a certain time for working on plumbing to when they will be repainting the gate.

2.      Maintenance is Always Under Control and Up To Date

Complex management is in charge of ensuring the things they inform you of actually get done by competent workmen and experts whenever necessary. This maintenance is what your levies go towards.

3.      Complex Management Can Answer All Your property management Questions

When it comes to great complex management, they should be willing to answer your property related questions and have an approachable nature. Pressing questions are always answered happily and in a timely fashion via email or over the phone.

4.      Great Complex Managers are Always on The Move

As a tenant, you may consider this an inconvenience, but this is a sign of functional and well operating complex management. A complex manager is constantly moving between residents, clients and maintenance providers whilst remaining available.

Respect their time and movements and they are sure to get back to you in a timely manner. They are always on the move to make your living situation more comfortable.

5.      No Property Stays Vacant For Long

When living in a complex under fantastic complex management, you will notice no sectional title within the complex stays vacant for a prolonged period of time. This is due to the fact that complex management is actively advertising the listing and carefully selecting the perfect tenants.

For tailor made complex management and property solutions contact us at Mansfield Property Solutions. We make living in a complex easy, comfortable and a great way to live.

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