How to Become a Professional Property Manager

Property managers are more and more in demand as the desire for living in a complex goes up among South Africans all over the country. But how do you become a property manager? Here is what you will need to enter the dynamic world of property management and take the industry by storm.

Do Your Homework

You will need to find out exactly what you will need in order to become a property manager. If you only have a matric, you will likely need to complete additional qualifications. If you are fresh out of high school and looking at what to study you could look into a finance, management or real estate degree to gear yourself up as well as possible for your future as a property manager.

Talk to Property Managers

Who knows better than the professionals that are practicing property management every day? Talk to a property manager for some real insight into the day to day practices and responsibilities that you will be accountable for should you choose to become a property manager yourself. Contact us at Mansfield Property Solutions for anything you want to know about being a property manager or visit our offices to get a feel for the life of a professional property manager.

Become a Certified Property Manager

You will need to become qualified by getting all the certification required to become a property manager in South Africa. You will be required to complete the IREM Certified Property Manager qualification from the Institute of Real Estate Management, this is considered the minimum requirement for anyone wanting to become a property manager. Once you are a Certified Property Manager (CPM) it is time to put your skills and qualifications to the test. You will oftentimes be required to complete an internship of up to twelve months before becoming a practicing property manager. When you begin working as a property manager you will soon apply the theory you have learned in online courses and at University (if applicable) as well as your practical experience. You will realise that to be a great property manager you need to be:

  • A master organiser
  • Computer literate
  • A fantastic communicator
  • Someone who can complete tasks within a deadline

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