So, What are Levies in Sectional Titles?

This article will discuss everything you need to know in order to not only answer “what are levies?”, but also how levies function, as well as how all the different parties are involved in levies when living in a sectional title home, will be explained.

What are Levies?

In a nutshell, fair levies are payments made by owners to trustees that are property managers who use this money to pay for communal services and maintenance for the benefit of everyone living in a complex.

Who Pays Levies?

All owners are responsible for paying levies, if one person does not pay you jeopardise the entire system that makes living in a complex such an attractive option. The owner of each sectional title is responsible for paying their levies and in a timely fashion.

Who Manages Levies?

The body corporate, trustees and property managers manage levies. This includes making sure the repetitive maintenance is covered and worked out long before in order to justify this to owners. Repetitive maintenance could include communal gardening services, keeping the pool clean and functional as well as security services.

Regular meetings are held to ensure the tenants are getting the most for their levies and that nothing goes overlooked.

What Can I Expect in Return for Paying my Levies?

Levies are all important but do have their limitations. Levies cover the repair and maintenance of all communal areas in a complex. This includes everything from the passageways, staircases and shared spaces. The property managers will also see what can be done to improve the conditions of a complex without increasing levies too drastically.

Please note that levies do not cover any maintenance or damage to individual units. This means that if a pipe bursts, window breaks or wall cracks, it is up to the owner to have it fixed.

If you have noticed your experience of living in a complex has slipped it may mean you need new property management to be introduced. Get the most out of your levies and contact Mansfield Property Solutions. We will ensure tenants not only know how to answer “what are levies?” but see them in action all around them.

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