How to Address Levy Non-Payment

To understand the severity of levy non-payment one must first understand what levies do and what property management does with levy payments to ensure a better living situation for all residents living in a complex.

Why Levy Payment is Crucial to Living in a Complex

The payment of levies by owners of sectional title homes ensures living in a complex actually lives up to the expectations of tenants drawn to the perks, which need to be maintained. This includes routine maintenance of shared spaces like driveways, walkways, staircases and the garden. Most importantly, this money, the levy payment, goes towards the security those flocking to complexes so desire. If people are not paying levies they are in danger of encroaching on everyone’s peace of mind. This is a serious offence and is dealt with swiftly and accurately.

How to Approach the Non Levy Payment Issue

When a levy is not paid by someone who owns a sectional title home the rest of those living in the complex must split the missing payment between them. Trustees and property managers need to ensure levy collections are done in a timely and effective manner, non-payment will not be accepted, at least not for very long. It is a delicate process.

Trustees need to be sure the non-payment of the levy does not go unaddressed. When an owner does fall behind on their levy payments they need to be made overtly aware of the fact that nonpayment means the non-payer will incur interest rate charges ranging from 3 – 30%. This is why it is important that non-payment be addressed directly, immediately. It not only effects the entire complex but also the person not paying their levies.

So, What is Next in Addressing Levy Non-Payment

When payment is a week overdue a letter of demand will be sent to the owner. If no reply is received within 30 days of sending the letter of demand the owner will be delivered another letter giving them 7 days to pay, or at the very least discuss a payment plan.

If this is also met with no response from the non-paying owner the Sheriff of the Court will serve them a summons. Once the summons from the court has been handed to, and signed for by the non-paying tenant, they have seven days to respond to the summons with an answer of how they will be defending their case. This can take some time so oftentimes the providers of property management Solutions step in to put a stop to the issue.

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