The duties and liability of property management agents

The Sectional Titles Act of 1986 was drafted to address any issues that could arise when living in a complex or owning a home that is one of many sectional title properties. The duties and liabilities of property managers lie less with the sectional titles and more with the buildings and communal areas to ensure the entire system of living in a complex is successful for everyone involved. This article will discuss how the Body Corporate, Trustees and Property Management Agents all play a role in accomplishing a complex that runs smoothly.

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As a tenant or owner within a complex, you are owed certain specified services from the Complex Administration. They are important to the entire complex as they are often the first point of contact for tenants and owners to call as soon as anything goes wrong. They deal with just about anything, even the small things that could have perhaps waited until morning.

What is the Ultimate Goal of Complex Administration?

Complex Administration is in place to ensure anything that does go wrong is handled quickly and effectively. This is what draws many people to the idea of living in a complex across South Africa. The thought that on Saturdays those that are living in free standing homes will have to do chores themselves, your garden will be looking spiffy thanks to Complex Administration  Governance.

The ultimate goal of complex administration services is to make complex living continuously attractive to tenants and buyers to ensure sectional titles remain full of well-liked tenants who play by the rules. If you are one of these tenants then you are well within your rights to ask for the following from your complex administration:

The Maintenance of Common Properties

The maintenance of shared complex spaces like the pool, entertainment area, elevators, hallways and staircases is the responsibility of complex administration to keep in check. If these things slip, speak to your body corporate about how the budget can be adjusted to accommodate this required maintenance.

The Prioritising of Safety

Safety is the number one reason people in South Africa are flocking to complexes so that they can live with peace of mind that their safety is being guarded. If this fails then you are well within your rights to complain because when security slips everyone in the complex is put at risk.

Open Lines of Communication

Complex administration services should be open to taking calls when a lapse in services is experienced by tenants and/or owners. Your trustee and body corporate should have multiple ways to contact those who need to help when there is a lapse in service.

If your complex administration services have proven themselves to be below standard contact us at Mansfield Property Solutions to correct mistakes and return the complex to its former glory.

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Property managers are constantly on the move to make sure all of the tenants living in the complexes that they manage are satisfied. Here is the whole list of property management duties that tenants and owners expect from property managers. You’ll see the same reflected in job listings looking for someone to fulfill property management duties.

Setting and Collecting Rent

Property managers are responsible for coming up with a fair figure to charge for rent, based on which neighbourhood the property is in, the home’s size and how old the property is. They are then also responsible for collecting the rent from all tenants at the end of each month.

Advertising Vacancies

Property managers are responsible for advertising vacancies when units are empty. This can be online or within the property management company, in order to find the right tenants the fastest way possible. They are also often responsible for showing the unit to potential buyers or tenants.

Tenant Screening and Selection

Property management calls for careful screening and selection of tenants to ensure that tenants chosen will pay levies and rent in a timely fashion.

Tenant and Owner Relations, Communications and Financial Reporting

The duties of a property manager not only include an open door policy for tenants whereby communications, in the form of email or phone calls, is welcome, but property management professionals also handle all documentation for the property owners. This was everyone stays in the loop of how things like rental agreements and increments in rentals and turnovers have been handled. Property management professionals are responsible for keeping owners up to date on all financial reports so that nothing can slip through the cracks. These financial reports help owners to assess the ROI on their property.

Property Maintenance

High up on the list of any property management duties should be the regular maintenance of the property to ensure it is safe, clean and habitable at all times.

Managing Budgets

Property management companies must keep detailed records of all income and expenses to ensure an accurate budget is kept which is communicated to owners and the body corporate to be sure funds are available for repairs and insurance costs when necessary. Property managers will also be responsible for filing the property or to help owners during tax season to ensure all the numbers line up.


For more information on the duties of property management companies, contact us at Mansfield Property Solutions and we will walk you through exactly how it works.

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When it comes to living in a complex and the reason people are drawn to sectional title living in the first place is the promise of better security. But whose responsibility is this at the end of the day? The short answer is: everyone’s. Here are the ways in which the following people are responsible for security in sectional titles:


Many people are careless and don’t take the rules into consideration which places their neighbours at risk. Leaving the gate open because you are just “popping out” is irresponsible. Giving your gate key away is strictly prohibited and there are procedures that need to be followed when this is necessary, like for housesitting.

Tenants should still be aware that their careless actions may have repercussions of a serious nature. The sense of community living should mean that you care for everyone else in the complex the way you care for your own family. It is a unit and its security is only as penetrable as its weakest link, which is often the carelessness of tenants.

Body Corporate & The Home Owners Association

These organisations cannot be held liable for any damage or stolen property. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure security gates, burglar bars and an alarm system are in place in the unit.

Body Corporates and The Home Owners Association is responsible for the maintenance of common properties and ensuring their use is safe. It is also their responsibility to ensure the security is up to scratch, and if not, get it up to standard as part of their duty to safeguard the personal property and the safety of tenants.

Sectional Title Managing Agents

Sectional Title Managing Agents are responsible for scheduling the maintenance and installations of new systems whenever necessary. They will also spot check that body corporates are, in fact, checking that access codes are frequently changed and remotes are used to enter and all people entering as visitors are logged properly.

They may suggest improvements for everything from better lighting and more perimeters. It is the job of sectional title managing agents to innovate and ensure security is using its allocated budget to the best of its abilities.

If you feel your complex could use some more input when it comes to security, contact us at Mansfield Property Solutions.

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Cats and dogs are South Africa’s most beloved house pets, not to mention rabbits, fish, birds, snakes and lizards. So why do some complexes allow pets and others don’t? It starts with the rules according to the Animal Protection Act of 1962.


The Animal Protection Act of 1962

This Act was established to protect all animals from mistreatment and cruelty including everything from household pets to livestock. The Act demands that the cruelty of animals be stopped and avoided at all costs. This includes everything from animal traps to the conditions they live in.


If a complex along with property managers in Gauteng cannot provide everything an animal needs they can be in violation of the law. Therefore, if the garden is too small and would require your dog to be chained up it would violate this law, making it easier and safer to not allow animals at all.


Who Decides if Animals May Live in Complexes?

The decision may fall to the owners of sectional titles renting to tenants or a rule enforced by the entire complex via the body corporate or even property managers. There are many factors to be considered like the space available, if a potentially dangerous animals proves too difficult to keep in the yard away from children and other people within the complex. With so many grey areas many body corporates decide it’s just too complex to allow dogs if any animals at all. Property managers can be helpful in helping to sort through the grey area in order to reach an agreement that works for everyone unanimously. Each region also has its own by laws to consider.


Cats can’t truly be kept indoors and you run the risk of them disturbing neighbours or even destroying their property. Living in a complex becomes somewhat more complicated for property managers when you introduced animals and are abiding by their rights while not encroaching on your neighbours rights.


All hope for animal lovers looking to live in a complex is not lost, many larger sectional titles allow animals with a strict set of rules and restrictions. This can prove to draw tenants with pets when they won’t give up their fur babies to relocate to a complex.


Property managers can provide advice to trustees and body corporates as to how to approach this issue because it could be keeping valuable tenants away. For more information contact us at Mansfield Property Solutions.


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