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Cats and dogs are South Africa’s most beloved house pets, not to mention rabbits, fish, birds, snakes and lizards. So why do some complexes allow pets and others don’t? It starts with the rules according to the Animal Protection Act of 1962.


The Animal Protection Act of 1962

This Act was established to protect all animals from mistreatment and cruelty including everything from household pets to livestock. The Act demands that the cruelty of animals be stopped and avoided at all costs. This includes everything from animal traps to the conditions they live in.


If a complex along with property managers in Gauteng cannot provide everything an animal needs they can be in violation of the law. Therefore, if the garden is too small and would require your dog to be chained up it would violate this law, making it easier and safer to not allow animals at all.


Who Decides if Animals May Live in Complexes?

The decision may fall to the owners of sectional titles renting to tenants or a rule enforced by the entire complex via the body corporate or even property managers. There are many factors to be considered like the space available, if a potentially dangerous animals proves too difficult to keep in the yard away from children and other people within the complex. With so many grey areas many body corporates decide it’s just too complex to allow dogs if any animals at all. Property managers can be helpful in helping to sort through the grey area in order to reach an agreement that works for everyone unanimously. Each region also has its own by laws to consider.


Cats can’t truly be kept indoors and you run the risk of them disturbing neighbours or even destroying their property. Living in a complex becomes somewhat more complicated for property managers when you introduced animals and are abiding by their rights while not encroaching on your neighbours rights.


All hope for animal lovers looking to live in a complex is not lost, many larger sectional titles allow animals with a strict set of rules and restrictions. This can prove to draw tenants with pets when they won’t give up their fur babies to relocate to a complex.


Property managers can provide advice to trustees and body corporates as to how to approach this issue because it could be keeping valuable tenants away. For more information contact us at Mansfield Property Solutions.


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